How can I create a JFrame with an image using Seesaw?


I want to create a JFrame using Seesaw which

a) has JPanels on the left, right, top, and bottom, and
b) an image in the center.

Inspired by this example I wrote the following code:

(defn show-main-window
  (let [content-pane (border-panel
                      :north (create-top-panel)
                      :west (create-left-panel)
                      :east (create-right-panel)
                      :south (create-bottom-panel)
                      :center (create-center-panel)


        f (frame :title "Title"
                 :content content-pane)]
    (-> f pack! show!)))

(defn create-top-panel
  (label "create-top-panel"))

(defn create-left-panel
  (label "create-left-panel"))

(defn create-center-panel
  (let []
     :icon ( "/Users/myusername/some-place-on-disk/img/2019_10_20_fireplace.jpg"))))

(defn create-right-panel
  (label "create-right-panel"))

(defn create-bottom-panel
  (label "create-bottom-panel"))

When I run this function the image is not visible.

How do I need to modify the code in order to display the image?

Thanks in advance


You need to move your image into resources directory of your project.

Then call only with the name of the image: ( "2019_10_20_fireplace.jpg").

Fixed code:

(defn show-main-window []
  (let [content-pane (border-panel
                       :north (label "create-top-panel")
                       :west (label "create-left-panel")
                       :east (label "create-right-panel")
                       :south (label "create-bottom-panel")
                       :center (label
                                 :icon ( "2019_10_20_fireplace.jpg")))
        f (frame :title "Title"
                 :content content-pane)]
    (-> f
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Thanks for your answer.

Is it possible to display an image from a completely different location on my disk (i. e. outside of resources)? If yes, how?

For example, with (File. "C:/Users/myusername/some-place-on-disk/img/2019_10_20_fireplace.jpg") (File is

Use (clojure.repl/doc seesaw.icon/icon) in REPL to see a list of all possible types for Icon.

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