How do work with a designer in CLJS?

What is the best way to work on a CLJS project with a UX designer? We want to minimize friction with the design team. Does it make sense to pair program? Or maybe set up the CLJS project in a container that they can run? Or is it easiest to just show them the Reagent components and syntax, and let them work with it directly?

Does this designer code in HTML&CSS? If so, make them learn Hiccup. It’s as simple as html, we have html/css people writing hiccup, no issues here.

I’d say it really depends on how deep their responsibilities are going into coding. Should they do HTML/CSS only? Should they model interactions? Should they be able to compose UIs out of basic elements?

Perhaps you’ll need a way for them to make and organize design system. Take a look at devcards, a designer can develop components in isolation within this environment.

I’m curious if any designer would get excited if I tell them that now they can program with a tree editor GitHub - mvc-works/calcit-workflow: Realtime editing based on Calcit Editor