How do you run front-end (cljs) tests?

Several of my projects are to the stage of benefiting from good front-end (interface/experience) testing, using Reagent as the front-end. I plan to start with the Luminus approach ( but thought I’d check here first. What are your experiences and recommendations for front-end testing?

Not an expert at all on the tooling aspect for CLJS testing, but here are some ideas regarding the approaches:

  • For testing the “logical” aspects (computations, state transitions etc.), we all know the drill: write that logic as pure function manipulating simple data. Then it’s the same story as for backend testing.
  • Testing the “UX” is knowingly difficult… You could do some end-to-end tests (a Clojure REPL is great for tuning those)
  • Not exactly automated testing, but do you know about devcards?
  • This talk about full-stack testing in Clojure seems somewhat related
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I find integration testing is really important one among others. Selenium tests are good enough to cover user’s workflows in your app.

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For integration testing I’ve had success with SparkleDriver, but I’ve also heard good things about etaoin.


Whoa… etaoin looks great!

We also use eatoin, it’s really good.

We’ve run into some race-condition scenarios, particularly when running the tests on smaller testing agents (ex. SemaphoreCI/VSTS) that forced us to add some pauses to the etoin tests to make sure the DOM and all assets load before a test is run. Not sure if there’s a way to avoid racy tests, but I think that’s also par for the course as far as front-end testing goes with things like selenium.

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