How I use Clojure to build and scale my SaaS

Hey everyone!

After building a SaaS with Clojure and ClojureScript for the past few years I wrote a blogpost on what I like most about it. Thought you might enjoy it :slight_smile:


bookmarked! looking forward to reading it :slight_smile:
(i was also previously building a SaaS with fullstack ClojureScript for, so really curious to get your point of view)

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Thanks! I hope you’ll enjoy it :)!

the part about “JavaScript burnout” is so true!

cool article :slight_smile: would be interesting to hear the cons as well (as there are always compromises)

for me it’s still around js interop, that even though with shadow-cljs it’s seamless to integrate npm lib you still have to tag ^js to let the compiler infer externs… and in general it feels a bit weird to go back and forth to js land when you don’t have a choice (js->clj & clj->js)

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