How much of Clojure(Script) I should know before searching for jobs?

I’ve been studying Clojure and ClojureScript for some time now. Very limited because I don’t use it for my main job and it usually takes all my time.

So let’s say one wants to get a new job with Clojure in the future, what is your thought on what is a must-know and what is not? What advice would you give me? Do you think doing interviews for that is a good start (I’m a little insecure tho)? The Senior Clojure developer on the job title really intimidates me.

Maybe you could share how was your experience? I’m currently a JS/TS full stack developer but working as a Senior Frontend Developer (TS/React, etc.)

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It will really help to develop one or two (preferably two (or more)) projects on your own time using Clojure. In general, it’s helpful to have a couple of apps whose requirements you’re very familiar with, and use those to develop your new language skills. There’s no substitute for the focus of building a nontrivial app for building your Clojure skills.