How to deal with slashes in namespace?

Hi, I’m currently using Clojure with the next.jdbc library to query a database over which I have no controll.
Unfortunately the table has slashes in it’s table names like: mydb.people/Customers which results in getting a result set where i have slashes in the namespaced map like

#:mydb.people/Customers{:field1 “val” :fiedl2 “val2”}

I would like to remove the namespace so that i get a list of entries like

{:field1 “val” :fiedl2 “val2”}
{:field1 “val” :fiedl2 “val2”}
{:field1 “val” :fiedl2 “val2”}

I can’t however use rename-keys like

(rename-keys some-entry {:mydb.people/Customers/field1 :field1 :mydb.people/Customers/field2 :field2})
because Clojure cant deal with more than one slashes in it’s namespace.

What can I do?

This documentation section has an example on how to discard namespaces: Getting Started — com.github.seancorfield/next.jdbc 1.2.772

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