How to (do you) represent log/exp values in text?

We (humans) are only good in processing color spots (aka color/size).

It’s quite easy to colorize you code (aka text) to mark something.

(require '[puget.printer :as puget])

On other hand there is another (countable) dimension [of values] that is much more useful to represent in log (instead of linear) scale.

For instance,

(map circle [100 33 10])

as color spots (i.e. size/boundary of “100”, “33” and “10”) are really not the same as direct representation

My brain get an instant sense of masses/areas of these spots, but in text (result, not the code) 1000 (aka e3), 100 (aka e2), 10 (aka e1) looks quite the same and I have to make additional step to represent it somewhere inside my head.

Let’s say you have there options to get something you really want:

  • steal a solution (aka :deps {org.clojure/clojure {:mvn/version “2.0.0” })
  • build yourself (aka good luck)
  • wait till Rich build it

If you want to have an option implementation cost representation it will probably looks like (log scale):

  • steal
  • build yourself

  • wait Rich

It’s ugly and still linear.

Do you know a better way to represent log/exp values in text?

A better example of color spots:

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