How to provide a dependency scope in tools.deps?

in Leiningen, we use

[xxx "1.0.0" :scope "provided"]

how to do this with tools.deps?

You can provide :scope "provided" (or "test" or whatever) in deps.edn but the Maven API on which tools.deps is based doesn’t propagate it to transient dependencies so the general advice is “use aliases instead of scopes”.

In other words, where you might use :scope "test" in Leiningen/Boot, with clj / tools.deps you would have a :test alias that introduced :extra-deps that you need for testing etc.

Take a look a my ~/.clojure/deps.edn file for some ideas about using aliases to bring in different dependencies and/or invoke certain Clojure -main programs.


this dot-clojure is a great example.

I wonder is there any aliases have some special meaning like dev or repl in leiningen, or there’s no magic stuff?

I think the document is great, but there’s only few examples and they locate in different places.

No aliases have any special meaning. There’s no magic.

I maintain core.cache, core.memoize, and java.jdbc, and I recently removed their project.clj files and added deps.edn files instead. Running tests is just:

clj -A:test:runner

And if I want to use a specific Clojure version:

clj -A:test:runner:1.8

So multi-version testing is as simple as:

for v in 1.6 1.7 1.8 1.8 master; do clj -A:test:runner:$v; done

Starting a Socket server REPL (on port 5555) with the src/tests/clojure/ folder on the classpath, that I can connect to with unravel:

clj -A:test:socket

Relies on my ~/.clojure/deps.edn for the :socket alias – the :test alias will come from the project’s deps.edn if present, else default to my ~/.clojure/deps.edn version.

Starting an nREPL server (on port 5555) with ProtoREPL, so I can connect to it from Atom:

clj -A:test:proto:nrepl

It’s a really well thought out piece of tooling.