How to serve wasm files from the clj webserver?

Hi folks, I’m following the main clojure sites quickstart guide, and got my starter app running (an adaptation of the hello-world). I started it with:

clj -M --main cljs.main --compile mt.core --repl

In my index file, I have some plain js includes that load wasm files. These work fine when I load this index file from a different web sever (i.e. python3 -m http.server), and when I do a production build. But when I load the same index file from the the clj repl server, they fail to fetch. Wondering if anyone might have some tips for me.


engine.js:1175 Fetch failed loading: GET “http://localhost:9000/engine.wasm”.
instantiateAsync @ engine.js:1175
createWasm @ engine.js:1212
(anonymous) @ engine.js:4917

hmm, they also fail with the production build from the clj server though they work with the production build from the Python server.

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