How to setup calva in Visual Studio Code?

I am both new to Clojure and to using Visual Studio Code. I tried to setup the calva plugin and followed the instructions on the “first steps” in the calva documentation and try to connect to the REPL:

Issue the command Start a Project REPL and Connect : ctrl+alt+c ctrl+alt+j"

and get

“No supported Jack-in project types detected. Maybe try starting your project manually and use the Connect command?”

What is missing here?

Have you installed Leiningen or the clojure command line tools?
In my experience, Calva looks for a project.clj or deps.edn file to initialize from. If this is not in your project, things will not work. These are created by initializing a project (e.g. lein new app)

I noticed that this thread kind of died without responses.

I’m having the same issue.

To answer your question in my situation, I have a core.clj and a functions.clj (they’re just tutorial stuff) in my tutorial directory. I’ve got Leiningen installed and I believe nREPL is running (I had to start it outside of VS Code first).

I’m trying to run the functions.clj code inside VS Code using Calva but it comes back with “No supported Jack-in project types detected…”

I’m not new to programming but new to VS Code, Clojure and Calva. Just trying to get this to work so I can use it as my editor for learning Clojure. The Udemy training I’m taking for Clojure uses Intelij Idea but that editor is such a pain.

Any suggestions? :slight_smile:

This is actually a calva issue. I asked the same question on the calva channel on slack an got some very helpful support. They even updated the calva homepage afterwards (see the notice box):

Clava: “You must have a project file, such as project.clj for Leiningen or deps.edn for Clojure CLI, in the directory opened in VS Code in order for jack-in to work.”

If this does not solve your problem you can find a link to the calva slack channel and maybe you can address your problem there.

Thanks for the information. :slight_smile:

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