How to use Fulcro with Shadow-cljs?

I am new to Clojure(Script) I want to know how do I use Fulcro with Shadow-Cljs. There is Figwheel template with Lein. But I want to use Boot and Shadow-cljs with Fulcro. Is there any github repository for initial skeleton or any tutorial for getting started ?

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The “official” template has a shadow-cljs option but it does use lein. Don’t know if a boot setup exists.

$ lein new fulcro <the-app> shadow-cljs

I used the fulcro lein template with shadow-cljs option as a starting point, then removed lein and added a deps.edn file for shadow-cljs.

It depends on your app, but worth mentioning. If you’re just building the client app or are going for a nodejs backend, then theres a good chance you probably don’t really need lein or boot, shadow-cljs + deps.edn could be enough.


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