I saw Clojure code in Sketch.systems, was I wrong?


Checkout the video on https://sketch.systems/ at about 00:30. Interesting. Very curious where they are using Clojure(Script)?


Kevin Lynagh one of the people behind https://sketch.systems is a long time user of ClojureScript.


FWIW, from the “No entity found…” error messages flashing up during the “5 Minute Introduction” it sure looks like they’re using DataScript as well. Check out Kevin’s other projects (like https://subformapp.com/).


Kevin’s a serial innovator—he made c2 before React came out, cljx before cljc, and subform-layout to simplify css/flexbox/grid.

He built Subform using electron+cljs, and made some cljs perf tools to keep it fast: profile-cljs, cljs-react-perf


FWIW if you look at the compiled statepen.js it uses you see that it starts with if (typeof Math.imul == "undefined". That is a Math.imul fix that CLJS prepends to every build so its a dead giveaway that the code is CLJS code.

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