I wanted to know if it is still valid to read the book "Micorservices with clojure" by Anuj Kumar.

Because the book is old, I don’t know if it’s still worth reading or if it’s an outdated book.

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Microservices are primarily an organizational pattern, when a company have hundreds of developers.

Everything we tried with microservices slowed down our small team, mainly due to the accidental complexity. We embrace the majestic monolith

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My experiences with Packt books have been universally terrible. I’ve heard there are a few good ones, but I don’t know if this is one of them. Given that it talks about microservice architecture “sweeping the world as the de facto pattern” in 2018, I wouldn’t touch it based on that.


Hmmm, thanks

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“Microservices with Clojure” by Anuj Kumar offers foundational microservices concepts, but it’s from 2015. While the principles remain relevant, some technologies and best practices may have evolved. Consider using the book as a starting point and supplementing with more recent resources to stay up-to-date.