Idea: Haxe + Clojure/Script

Haxe is

  • Strictly-typed PL with fast optimizing cross-platform compiler, targeting JVM, JS and everything else
  • Imperative lang (fast) but with proper ADTs & pattern patching
  • Interoperable on JVM & JS via Clojure/Script’s seamless FFI

The idea is that Clojure & the great Rich Hickey vision is great for information layer programming with “twofer Tuesdays” etc, but way down the stack there are certain low-level ideas from other language communities that can only be expressed with ADTs and pattern matching. As well as benefit from the optimizing compiler.

What do you think?

I always thought Haxe looked great, but never heard of anyone using it.

That said, I’m not sure what you’re asking me to think about? For Haxe to compile to Clojure? Or for Clojure to compile to Haxe? Or for Clojure to switch to a cross-compiler like Haxe?

The reach is impressive. It’s got runtime reflection (so compatible with clojure idioms). No idea what performance is like in practice. Could have potential though (host by design, means more possible hosts…).

Haxe has found a lot of traction in the indy gaming space (to name a few Dead Cells, Dicey Dungeons, Evoland, and Papers, Please) so it definetly is being used and successfully at that.

I also have been really impressed with the number of targets they claim so something like a clj->haxe, cljhx if you will, would be neat even if it is just to experiment.

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