[Incident Report] Clojureverse.org was down for ~1.2 hours on 01/03/2023

Hey folks!

Clojureverse.org was down for around an hour today.

We got notified by our bot on our discord channel

Then we tried a bunch of obvious things:

Luckily I Immediately noticed an email pop up on my phone! And lo and behold it was from the good folks at Exoscale:


The following instance(s) part of the Gaiwan GmbH organization are currently not available:

  • Display name: clojureverse Id: cc4b6e44-d659-4405-b39a-df20691b87bc

The physical machine hosting your instance(s) is experiencing a hardware issue. The root cause is currently being investigated.

Exoscale solved the issue and we’re back up now! :blush: :pray:


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