Install an command line from Clojars?

Is that possible? For now I use ClojureScript and I have to distribute the command line to npm after compiling to JavaScript. Can I just distribute it to Clojars?

No, this is not possible if you want it to work like npm.

Clojars is just a maven repository, it just hosts data/files. Similar to the npm registry. It is basically just a static webserver serving files. There is no npm command line utility but the new deps.edn related stuff is close.

You can create an ns like

(ns your.lib)

(defn -main [& args]
  (prn args))

publish it to clojars under your.lib with some version. Then to use it create a deps.edn with

{:deps {your.lib "some-version}}

and run it with clj -m your.lib more args

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I’m still expecting…

meyven global add respo/composer-app

composer-app # app runs

That does not exist.

I’m sticking with npm.

Clojure or ClojureScript? I’m not sure about ClojureScript, but for Clojure, I’ve found using a clj alias to be awesome.

Just keep adding aliases to your ~/.clojure/deps.edn, one for every Clojars cli you want.

Then just run whichever you want: clj -A:command

So the global install process is just adding an alias entry to your ~/.clojure/deps.edn. This is cool, because say you change machine, or re-install your OS, or wtv. You can just drop your deps.edn file back and boom, all your commands are installed again.

If you want to shorten the command so clj -A:command becomes just command I use shell alias, which I add to .zshrc (I’m a zsh user).

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ClojureScript mostly.

Hum, ya for ClojureScript I’m not sure. Things get more complicated. Especially if you use npm for dependencies I think. If all your dependencies are in clojar, maven or git, you might still be able to use clj tool. But I think you’d need an additional runner script which can start Node for you. Since clj can’t do that out of the box I believe.

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