Integrating generative AI features in Clojure projects

This video show how to integrate service offering by the likes of OpenAi and Cohere in Clojure projects. Its aim is educational as it deconstructs the process into simple steps that anyone can duplicate and try for oneself. Of special interest, hopefully, is the REPL workflow and the uncanny power that comes with it. Along the way, the audience might pick up hints of how to:

  • keeping the REPL server process separate from the editor process
  • loading dependencies at runtime
  • keeping secrets like an API key outside of the code base
  • translating the syntax of a curl post request to a clj-http function call
  • using a proxy to bypass firewalls

Please let me know if this video has been helpful, and what kind of content would you like to see next. Thank you!


Great to here about which seems much more developer friendly than Open API (which doesn’t feel very open)

Absolutely. I have found their LLM University resources very helpful, too.

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