Interested in Smart Contracts?

Hello All,

I’m keen to build a group of people interested in learning about and developing smart contracts based on Clojure/ClojureScript/Convex Lisp. Anyone else share these interests?

My view is that Lisps like Clojure are ideally suited as a language for smart contracts because of the value of immutability, functional programming and composable abstractions. It should be feasible to create much more sophisticated and practical smart contracts than many existing systems.

With this idea in mind, we’ve recently launched Convex which I hope will provide a great platform for these kinds of explorations and provides a Clojure-like Lisp. See the official Convex announcement from the Clojure Google Group below:

Anyone keen to get involved or who has ideas to share, please let me know!


Convex is an open, decentralised platform for the Internet of Value - you can use it to create secure digital assets and implement applications involving secure value exchange using smart contracts.

You can test it out with the live REPL, documentation and sandbox at our developer site:

The native smart contract language is Convex Lisp - a new language heavily inspired by Clojure but built from the ground up to support decentralised applications and interactive online development. Some notable features:

  • Immutable, persistent data structures throughout. In fact - the entire global state of the Convex Virtual Machine (CVM) is a single persistent data structure.
  • Every user account gets its own independent namespace with REPL control (access secured with Ed25519 digital signatures)
  • Fully autonomous Actors executing smart contracts (can be used to implement digital assets, or potentially entire decentralised autonomous organisations)
  • Fully online development environment including runtime, libraries and compiler built into the decentralised network - no extra toolchains required!
  • All the usual power of Lisp: macros, functional programming etc.
  • Syntax and language idioms heavily inspired by Clojure

Currently this is a public alpha release - we would love to get feedback and ideas from the Clojure community as we develop towards our production launch. We run a public discord server for those interested in joining the discussions or getting more involved:


super interesting! i’d been waiting for a lispy smart contract language for a long time :slight_smile:
i stumbled upon Pact (Kadena blockchain) a while back.

would it be feasible to get a convex->solidity compiler?

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Not sure if they’d be competitors, collaborators, or just like-minded people, but have you seen District0x?

They’re also a smart contract tech community based off Clojure/Script.

Convex -> Solidity might be possible but probably a bad idea : Convex really needs the advanced persistent data structures (sets, maps, vectors etc. like Clojure) in order to be effective as a functional programming language and it would be a nightmare trying to implement these efficiently on the EVM.

I just wanted to chime in with a word of encouragement. I’m also interested in smart contract development and am taking a look at Convex. I’m excited by the little I have seen so far, and look forward to digging deeper.

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