Introduce yourself!



Hi Everyone!

My name is Ertuğrul Çetin, I’m from Istanbul/Turkey, and I was working in Berlin(recently) then I moved back to my old town Istanbul again.

Also, I’m the creator of Clojurecademy, Clojurecademy is an interactive platform that provides Clojure based courses. I’ve been working with Clojure almost two years, and I’m very happy with that!:blush:


Hi folks!

My name is Tom Hutchinson and I live in Perth, Australia.

I’ve been working as a software dev for about 2 years now but before that I was a high school English teacher. I miss the kids but don’t miss writing lesson plans / marking essays at 2am! :sweat_smile:

I do mostly browser based UI stuff at work (networked asset mapping/monitoring software) in JS/Typescript but I’ve begun infecting my team with the Clojure(script) bug :rofl:

I’ve (half) built some things in clojurescript, a Tzolk’in (boardgame) engine and teacher’s assistant app. Hope to finish one of them someday…

These days I spend all the time that I can spare researching/writing Ethereum smart contracts / user interfaces. I’m working on a decentralised trading card game :slight_smile:


Hi! I’m Michiel from The Netherlands. I live in Amersfoort which is 35 minutes by train from Amsterdam.

The first course in programming at my university was taught in Miranda (a predecessor of Haskell). My first encounter with Lisp was Common Lisp at the end of my masters degree. Clojure combines the best of both worlds and when I discovered it at the end of 2009 it made perfect sense.

I taught Clojure two years in a row to a couple of classes when I was a lecturer (link to course in Dutch). After that I decided to take a job which involved a good deal of Clojure programming and have been using it ever since.

Caffeine withdrawal is real…



My name is Dmitri, and I live in Canada. I work at a hospital, and I introduced my team to Clojure around 7 years go. We’re now using Clojure/Script for all our projects.

I maintain Luminus micro-framework. My latest project is Macchiato, which is an attempt to bring Ring style ecosystem to Node.js.

I’m a fan of both coffee and tea. :slight_smile:



My name is Burhan. I’m from Malaysia.

I’ve known Clojure for 2 years. I started looking for different programming languages when I felt something was missing when I code in Java. I remember the last time I didn’t even give a chance to Clojure because of the parens. Went through Scala didn’t understand anything, Go, C++, Groovy and finally I said whatever and just went with Clojure and it blew my mind. I started to explore Lisp after that, went through Practical Common Lisp, SICP. Fun times.

I use Clojure for hobby and Java/JavaScript at work and recently I had to introduced ClojureScript to the company because of one project with ridiculous dateline. Everyone was skeptical at first until the demo last week. Everything went so smooth.

Other than my hobby projects, I also contributed to the translations for my native language in for Clojure.


Hi all!

Nicolai here, started Clojure in Februray.
If somebody has a nice project to contribute to or to get it started im looking foward.
Im living in Germany, Münsterland NRW. Are there meetups in this area i missed?



My name is Dan Jolicoeur and I’ve been working with Clojure professionally for the past 5+ years, Clojurescript off and on for about 4, and Datomic for 4 years. I’m djjolicoeur on github, clojurians slack, twitter, and just about everywhere else. I live in Annapolis, MD and work for ICX Media, Inc. In Washington, DC where we work mostly with Clojure and Datomic.

In my free time I enjoy working on my hobby project datamaps, which deconstructs maps into a set of three-tuple’s and an interface for querying those facts with datalog via datascript’s query engine.

Love the idea of the Clojureverse and can’t wait to see where it goes!



I’m been following the Clojure universe for some time now but still just a hobbyist because at work we user mainly Ruby but I’m hoping to get some Clojure in there soon.
My Journey started when David Nolen posted about Om and how that made React faster, and ClojureScript got me into Clojure and Datomic.

For me, a homemade black coffee made with my Presso is the best. I do drink om tea in the evenings though.

Hoping the we all make this place a great place for Clojurists to hang out!



I’m Jeremy from France (close to Bordeaux).
I discovered clojurescript coming from scala and looking for FP lang to do front end apps.
I now use clojure, clojurescript and some react js for all my projects and work.

I’m a former pro video game player (csgo) so I try to make/find projects that mix those 2 passions. The latest being a web editor to design and manage live dynamic overlays for live streams (mainly Twitch) that is starting to be used by some tournament organisers !

I struggle finding nice project or early startups to join so that might be a good place to finally find something.


I’m Nick Mudge. For years I have wanted to use Clojure in my work and I recently found a way to do this.

I am in Folsom California and am using Clojure in my business.




Hello,I’m coming…
I’m brain… black rain , from Canton ,China…
I use clojure for BI.
I like beer ,and Qingdao is good .
Is there anyone wanna a cup?


Hi I’m Jerry. I’m originally from Iowa, but have been in the Phoenix, Arizona area for past 17 years. I’m new to clojure, with most of my time being spent on c and the linux kernel for work. No coffee for me, but I seem to go through a lot of diet coke.


Hi, I’m Etienne Spillemaeker, chpill for short.

I’m a Web developer based in Paris, and I’ve been working with Clojurescript for 7 months now. Before that I was doing Javascript (while playing with Clojure/Clojurescript as hobby).

You’ll probably see me with a coffee during office hours, but I’m definitely more of a beer guy. @brain If we ever find ourselves in the same location, let’s have that cup :beers:


欢迎光临! 我很高兴我们亚洲的兄弟姐妹也找到了这个地方 ^_^


I could say the same thing :slight_smile:


Hey, I’m angusiguess! I’m from the Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, and I’ve been writing Clojure for ~4 years professionally and a bit over 5 years for fun. I’m currently a contract worker, I use clojure in a bunch of side projects.

I’m a dedicated coffee drinker.



My Name is Vijay and I live in the Netherlands. I’m the co-host of defn podcast and co-organiser of (Dutch) Clojure Days

Working as a Chief Dangineer with Big Data/Machine Learning and functional programming


Hi, I’m Feodrippe, from Recife, Brazil.

I’m using clojure at Teslabit (moving from Rails), processing IoT data from energy consumption sensor.

I’ve done electronic engineering, but software is what catched me.

I want to help the community with tools to visualize data like shown at



Hi, I am Josef but @pepe on pages that matter to me (GitHub, here) and @damnpepe almost everywhere else (twitter, mixcloud …).

I got my first computer in 1986 and from that point, I am mostly learning how to teach them. I was Rubyist for 12 years until almost 2 years ago, when I felt like monoliths are not it (even those red shiny ones) anymore and started to search for something better. I found Clojure(Script) and I fell in love with the language and people around it.

These days I mostly spit prototypes and proof of concepts for people who got ideas through the day, while enjoying my family at night.


Hi, I’m Matthew from New York City. I’m currently Director of Engineering for Swarmify, a Clojurescript startup. I’m definitely all about coffee (have an aeropress and chemex), but sadly, if I have more than one cup a day, I can’t fall asleep!