Introduce yourself!

Something I’m hoping to make a thing here is that people new to the forum introduce themselves. It’s a nice way to make this place feel less anonymous, and to remind everyone that software is really foremost about people.

Things I’d love to hear: who you are, where you’re from, what you’re using Clojure for (professionally and/or hobby projects), and finally: coffee, tea, or something else?

My name is Arne, I’m originally from Belgium, but after moving around for some years ended up in Berlin.

I run Lambda Island, and also do some Clojure contract work, the latest has been for NextJournal.

I’m a tea drinker, coffee is too strong for me. I mostly drink oolong, but I’ve been shifting more towards herbal teas lately.


I’m a clojurian for almost 2 years now, love FP and web development.
I’m from Romania, I like sci-fi and coffee, I like that there is this place for us to converse in the Clojure verse.
Live long and prosper, and catch you around the cv.


I started work as a JavaScript developer in 2013 and switched to ClojureScript since late 2015. I’m living in Shanghai, where we don’t have jobs in ClojureScript, so actually I use Backbone/React/Vue in work all the time.

I use “jiyinyiyong” as my id. I use the name “题叶(Ti Ye)” in Chinese social networks but hiding my real Chinese name for information safety. That’s why my personal domain is . I’m an active member in Chinese React tech community, like in WeChat groups, Weibo, React China forum. Many of my friends has interests in Functional Programming, despite that it’s not popular tech in China.

I’m working in this area since I loving building Single Page Apps, especially ones with realtime user interactions, like chatrooms. React is great technology in this area, and ClojureScript does even better in some of the areas. So I’m spreading ClojureScript in China too.

I have been worked on personal project for a long while, which may identify myself better:

  • Cirru toolchains to code in syntax tree, which brings cumulo-editor
  • Respo a simplified React to be more ClojureScript
  • Cumulo an expriment tool for realtime apps


sorry I’m migrating myself away from ClojureScript now, to a scripting language( made by myself with many features learnt from ClojureScript.


Howdy folks. I’m originally from the Hudson Valley of New York, and live now in Berlin. I miss hills. :smiley:

I’ve been a Clojure freelancer for several years now after many years in other languages. I’m really enjoying working with Datomic for a client right now.

For me, espresso is king. My struggle with caffeine at home is avoiding lukewarm French press coffee.


So cool ! :clap::grinning:
I’m doing the same thing in Romania (Cluj) where we also don’t have jobs in Clojure/ClojureScript but Angular/React and I attend said meetups and always go : “We have it so good in cljs” :slight_smile:

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We just had our first community meetup last week :grinning:

Not yet ready to introduce ClojureScript in details. But definitely I will do.

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My name is Claudiu Apetrei, I’m from Romania Iasi.
Clojurian for about 1 year. About 10+ years experience (php, python, javascript, coffescript, react, mysql).

Apart from clojure & clojurescript. I’m a really really big fan of . Could not find anything out there that’s even remotely close.

Trying to bring clojure into my company (python & js now). Basically going to work everyday with clojure tshits, brought clojure books & clojure stickers to the office.

A bit win is that I got my company to outsource a project that we could not fit into the roadmap, so this month a clojure & clojurescript decently sized SPA (built with fulcro) is going into production and is in our codebase.

Just started the working now on getting people interested and setting up the first meetup. Next month doing a presentation about clojurescript at the local JS meetup.

Not much in terms of open source. But plan to fix that by starting work on a open source example app in fulcro, next month. Think a big plus for the js community is the crazy amount of “production ready example apps” that people can look at and draw inspiration when getting started.


a fellow romanian clojurist ! :muscle: cool community here !

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@jiyinyiyong what are the characters for “ji yin yi yong”?

My name is Lin Pengcheng.
I’m a Financial Analyst, CPA, CIA, CTA, Statistician, Expert System Developer.
I come from the origin of Oolong tea----Anxi county, Fujian province, China.
I started using Clojure from 2010.
I write financial analysis expert system in my spare time using Clojure, Clojurescript, Clojure-clr, R, core.logic, pgsql, notepad++.
my homepage:


“ji yin yi yong” refers to “疾吟以用”, which means “read it fast” literally, and you get the pronunciation of my name “ChenYong” in Wu Chinese. :smile:

@linpengcheng nice to see you here. Didn’t know you GitHub before.


My name is Thomas. I live in Oldenburg, Germany.

Can’t remember when I started web development but it was in the Netscape/MSIE4 days. Did real projects in Perl, PHP, Java, Ruby always accompanied by HTML/JavaScript/CSS before coming to Clojure in 2011(?). Looking at other languages occasionally but I’ve been doing only Clojure(Script) since 2012. I cursed it in the beginning until Paredit finally clicked and I can’t go back now.

Lately I have been doing a lot of work on shadow-cljs which started a very long time ago but never was very user-friendly. Working on making that easier for everyone.

Besides that I play way too much Path of Exile and go Climbing/Bouldering much less than I used to. No Coffee or Tea for me, Water is fine.


Hi all :wave:

I’m Franka, I live in Berlin and am one of the organisers of our local ClojureBridge chapter (and happy to talk about ClojureBridge or answer questions!). Haven’t had a chance to work much with Clojure recently, but always interested to see what other Clojuristas are up to.

Coffee always, duh! :wink:



I’m Orestis, I’m Greek, currently living in Luxembourg.

I only began learning Clojure and the ecosystem a couple of weeks ago, I still haven’t watched all the Rich Hickey talks :slight_smile:

I’m working on museum interactives and all the supporting infrastructure, and I came by ClojureScript in my search for an alternative to Javascript with a good standard library and an engineering mindset. So far the signs are very very promising :slight_smile:


I’m Sean, I’m from Southern California.

I use clojure for hobby projects that might hopefully turn into money generating ones sooner rather than later. I’m very focused on a sort of rails-like full stack framework in clojure to get my projects off the ground very quickly, which means very little js, absolutely no react or clojurescript and lots of server side rendering, similar to a default luminus stack.

I like cold brew coffee :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Martin :wave:

I live in Berlin. For a long time I never considered Clojure because of all the parenthesis :see_no_evil:. Really happy we settled on it as our main language for Nextjournal last year after starting out with Elm and Elixir. Being able to share code between the frontend and backend is just so nice.

Besides Nextjournal, I also work on Sauspiel, a community for Schafkopf, a traditional card game from Bavaria in Germany. We rewrote our buggy Java game server in Erlang quite a while back and have enjoyed functional programming since.

Also must say I’m grateful how friendly and welcoming everyone I’ve met from the Berlin Clojure community is :heart:. I hope efforts like this help more people getting started with Clojure, thanks @plexus! :pray:



Hey everyone! I started getting into clojure after I was convinced that map would actually work like it said in the docs. My first lisp experience was not a fun one, and it put me off from all the weird parenthesis. (Dug a little into common lisp in school, found mapcar confusing, and fled back to java for a good long while.)

A friend suggested I give it another shot – now armed with paredit, I quickly got to enjoying Clojure’s development experience, with figwheel, and cider. Got started with the Chestnut template, which was lovely to begin with, and after a few feature request PRs, found myself as a pretty consistent contributor.

I also prefer tea, as I’m not much of a coffee drinker myself.


Clojure newbie here. I’ve been a hobbyist coder for years off and on and recent became interested in Lisp in general though I’m putting most my effort at the moment into Clojure.

I’ve noticed a few others deal with the struggle as well. I too battle an addiction with the drug caffeine.


I’m seancorfield pretty much everywhere and I’m really Sean Corfield :slight_smile: I’m a former Brit, now American, and live in the San Francisco Bay Area (in the East Bay, for folks familiar with the local geography).

I first encountered Clojure back in 2010, as part of my goal to “learn a new language every year”. Amit Rathore (“Clojure in Action”) was running a Saturday introductory workshop and I figure it was worth a few hundred dollars to learn from a master. I was totally hooked immediately!

I managed to sneak it into work for a small project and we went to production on Clojure 1.3 Alpha 7 or 8 in 2011. We’re currently on 1.9 Beta 4 in production (for most stuff, we just deployed RC 1 for a couple of our apps today). It became our primary language for all server-side work a year or two ago, and we now have about 50,000 lines of production Clojure and 15,000 lines of Clojure tests. “We” are an Internet dating platform – over 100 dating sites in over a dozen languages.

I ran the San Francisco Clojure Meetup for a few years. I co-founded ClojureBridge. I’m part of the “admin” team on the Clojurians Slack. I maintain a number of popular Clojure libraries (including org.clojure/java.jdbc, org.clojure/tools.cli, expectations, clj-time, congomongo). I use Boot and Atom/ProtoREPL for all my work (and I’ve published a few Boot tasks, including boot-new, boot-expectations, boot-kotlinc – hey, I’m learning Kotlin, so of course I want a Boot task to compile and run my Kotlin code!).

I drink coffee (yes, the Brit drinks coffee and his American partner drinks tea – it causes a lot of confusion, both here and in England, when we visit!). I’m also rather partial to beer (real beer, not the mass-produced stuff) and red wine. Currently enjoying a seasonal Pumpkin Ale from a local brewpub! :slight_smile: :beers:

I love the Clojure community – and I love helping folks learn the joys of Clojure!


Hi, I’m Roman :wave:

I live and work in Ukraine. Doing ClojureScript for the last 2 years. I’m coming from JavaScript world, mostly frontend, but also poking around with JVM Clojure these days. I’ve also created a couple of libraries for Rum, some of them are Citrus and CLJSS. At the moment I’m helping to grow Clojure community here, in Kyiv (I should say it goes pretty good so far :slightly_smiling_face:).