Introducing Myself

Hello. My name is Stephen McConnell
I began programming in 1972 with FORTRAN IV in University. I learned COBOL, 4004 Assembler, 8080 Assembler, 6502 Assembler and Honeywell 80-80 Assembler. I have also programed in JOVIAL (Jules Own Version of Algol), Pascal, C/C++, Visual Basic, AS/400 RPG, Java (back in 1997) and a host of other languages for fun and for one-off projects. Went to grad school for Computational Chemistry for a couple of years from 1995 to 1997, but got itchy to work again so when I learned Java you could get a job if you could SPELL Java… So, I went back to work as a programmer.

I finally retired two years ago and after playing guitar in restaurants and bars for a couple of years, COVID hit. I’ve been catching up on Java (it was 7 when I retired, but is not 12 or so). Got bored with Java and am very interested in Clojure having always wanted to learn a Lisp.

I currently live in Villa Rica, Georgia about 30 miles west of Atlanta Ga.

I’ve been working with Clojure for a month and find it beautiful as I thought it would be. Looking forward to learning more and communing with others in Clojure. And maybe at 70, getting back into the work force.


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