Introducing the Professional ClojureScript course! Starts Feb 2021 -

Hello ClojureVerse :nerd_face:

I am teaching a 3 month bootcamp-style ClojureScript course starting on Feb 2nd (soon!). Full details at

This course is not really designed for people who already know Clojure (so, presumably most people reading ClojureVerse). But perhaps you know a friend or co-worker who is interested in ClojureScript or looking for a career upgrade? If so, please share the link with them or reach out.

I plan to engage the broader Clojure / CLJS community as part of the learning experience for students. If this sounds interesting, please let me know if you would like to be involved (guest lecture, mentoring, recruiting opportunities, etc.). Be on the lookout for student’s projects to be posted here as the course nears completion (April 29th). There will surely be some great candidates for hire :wink:

I am also planning on creating a “ClojureScript for Clojure devs” mini-course or learning material after the initial cohort is complete. I have heard from many folks in the community who know JVM Clojure well and are interested in getting up to speed on with ClojureScript. Stay tuned for more on this!

Thank you!