Is Clojure the most immutable of all enterprise programming languages?


I was wondering if there was any other language who was even purer in its promotion and use of immutability than Clojure?

I said enterprise in that I want to exclude toy and research language, as it’s not realistic to use these for work in their current form. Things that have broken into the enterprise like Haskell, OCaml, etc. obviously counts.

By purer I mean that immutability would be more prevalent, more default, more enforced, even harder to avoid, etc.


Yes there is its called Èrlang

Right, how could I forget about Erlang.

I was trying to see what could explain Clojure having the least amount of bugs, as found per this study: A Large-Scale Study of Programming Languages and Code Quality in Github

So I thought Immutability was pretty unique to Clojure from that list, but Erlang also has strong immutability, yet it seams to have quite a lot more reported bugs per line of code than Clojure does.

My second best guess is REPL driven development. I don’t think any other language on that list is as interactive in its development process.

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