Is ClojureCLR dying?

ClojureCLR has been lagging behind Clojure… for a long time.

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Funnily enough, someone asked about this on Zulip just the other day and here’s what David Miller, the project maintainer, said:

David Miller: “Version 1.10 of ClojureCLR is in the works. That version will extend ClojureCLR to run on .Net Core 3.1 and the preview of .Net Core 5. (Along with Framework 4.6.1.) All that work is in the newframework branch, about to be merged back into the main line.”

That branch is here: – so you can check out his recent work.


There is also nasser’s work on magic, “a functional Clojure compiler library and the start of a standalone Clojure implementation for the CLR.” I believe he has been having a getting a lot of of progress done on it.


Notable about magic is that it will be possible to compile without using DLR, which is really cool. :slight_smile: If things go as planned this will enable Clojure to be compiled with Unity for iOS.

On that note, if you want to see some usage of Clojure CLR, be sure to check out Arcadia :slight_smile:


Magic can already work on .Net core, removed dependency to Mono framework with a modified version of Clojure-CLR, can create performant compiled byte code now, and already used in our product (a unity game, released on iOS/android/PC/Mac).

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Curious to know what the game is and try it out


I also want to know! Didn’t know magic was already being used. :smiley:

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The game is a Chinese Card/Mahjong game, you can find it in AppStore by name “黄金岛游戏”(Copy & paste please if you do not know Chinese, but beware the game is only in Chinese language internally).


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