Is it just me or is Calva suddenly taking forever to show doc strings?

Didn’t used to be like this, but in the past couple of days every time I mouse over a form or hit [ctrl+space] it just shows “loading…” for around 10 seconds before finally showing the doc string.
I’m using VS Code / Calva by the way, and before you ask, I do know that it needs to be jacked-in to show doc strings.
Anyone else have this issue lately?

Hey Hamid, I’m not having any such issue.

I’m using Calva 2.0.131 and VSCode 1.51.1

Alright, lemme check again…
VSCode 1.51.1 no updates available
Calva 2.0.131 7 days ago

  • open clojure-koans folder >> then 02_strings.clj
  • click nREPL⚡ button >> start REPL and jack-in >> leiningen
  • output file reads ; Jack-in done.
  • now mouse over, say (str
    • …a second later popup says Loading...
    • …8 seconds later popup gets updated with the doc string
  • move the mouse and hover again
    • …1 second for Loading... to show up
    • …5 more seconds for doc string

I’m starting to think Calva is fetching the doc string from an online source, every-single-time!
Hmm, testing that now

  • ethernet adapter: disabled
    • yup! doc strings show up the instant I mouse over / hit ctrl+space
  • ethernet adapter: enabled
    • slow again… oh boy

Wait a sec, wha~? It’s fixed now: half a second and doc string shows up… Should I thank somebody for this? How did it get fixed?? :thinking:
Ooh Calva 2.0.132… So yeah, thanks guys, you’re fast!

A~and we’re back here again…
VSCode 1.52.1 no updates available
Calva 2.0.156 2 days ago
clj-kondo uninstalled

  • same steps as before
    • same results
    • with and without internet connection

Guys! Listen, please!
This is not how caching is supposed to work…
If we already have the doc string cached, then the user shouldn’t have to wait while we check for updates

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