Is it possible to use javascript plugins in a clojurescript web app?

Hello, clojureverse!

I have recently started learning clojure and I hope to start my own web project with the luminus.
My question is whether will it be possible to easily use a javascript plugin from such framework?

I need to be able to use a calendar library like this for my project.

Thanks in advance!

It is possible but depends on your build tool - AFAICT Luminus doesn’t have any special requirements here and does not restrict you in any way. Relevant documentation for shadow-cljs, for example: Shadow CLJS User’s Guide

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For example Fulcro (which is an excellent full - stack framework but one I wouldn’t recommend to a beginner) has a number of conveniences for working with Javascript libraries (Namely React components) and I expect the same applies to most established cljs frameworks. And shadow-cljs makes it really easy to include npm libraries in your cljs app.