Is there a ClojureDocs API or not?

What’s up with the ClojureDocs API? I can’t find any info about it, except some old traces, and the site is totally unresponsive.

I am pretty sure no, but would love to hear otherwise:

That issue was the main trace I found. :grinning:

Is there some other resource with examples on how to use clojure functions?

There is Grimoire at but realize that at least its initial set of examples were, I believe, copied from ClojureDocs some years ago. I do not know how much they have been modified or added to since then, but the commit log for the project might give some indication.

If you are looking for examples of functions as used across many actual open source Clojure projects there is but those are not tutorial-style examples, but in the context of the project’s code.

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Thanks! I am figuring on going beyond Calva’s ”look up docs/peek at, and go to, definitions” functionality and offer to load some example usages from ClojureDocs into a top level comment block in your editor. Because that is what I often do manually to explore what a function can do for me. Looks like could be a good alternative. Even if it is so far lacking the ”see also” sections that are so wonderfully helpful on ClojureDocs.

In my dream world the API would also have a way to contribute examples directly from the editor. Maybe some day.

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