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What is X? I.e. if you have a huge investment in Ruby (both code and people), what’s the closest thing to the semantics and syntax of Clojure in that type of environment?

The projects Carbonate and Apricot both seem to be dead.

It appears that Elixir is fairly popular and liked by people from the Ruby world. Would that be the pragmatic choice, or is there anything better?


You have languages with Ruby like syntax like Elixir and Crystal. Of those, Elixir comes closest to Clojure’s semantics, it is like a hybrid of Erlang and Clojure with Ruby like syntax.

That said, there’s nothing for Ruby that is like Java to Clojure or JS to Clojure in that it would be hosted and running on the same VM, like YARV, with full interop.

You might be able to try and migrate to JRuby first. Which means you are now running on the JVM. And from there start bringing in some Clojure. I believe there would be a way to interop through Java, but I’m not sure.

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Ah yes, thanks for reminding me of JRuby.

There is also truffleruby that runs on GraalVM

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