Job Posting on Clojureverse?

Hello everyone,

Would any mods be able to advise on any specific guidelines for posting job opportunities for Clojure developer roles here on Clojureverse?

I would have thought it’d be something to be encouraged in a healthy community but I’ve taken a look around and there’s no mention in the community guidelines, I haven’t seen any category that is a particularly good fit nor anyone else posting opportunities.

Should roles be posted in the watercooler category? Or is it even something that’s wanted here?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @adam thanks for bringing this up. I considered adding a Jobs category, but decided against it given that there are already a few Clojure job boards out there. That said, if there’s demand for having a Jobs category here I’m all for adding it.

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Thanks @plexus, well obviously given I have a couple of opportunities (for Clojure devs in London right now :wink:) I’m all for a Jobs category but judging by the lack of traction on this thread perhaps I’m the only one?

Not for me to tell others how to mold this site. But I think it’d be cool if people posted in a “What are you learning/working on this week?” thread, and mentioned how they wish they had another teammate—who the team fortunately can fund. :slight_smile:

To me, “job postings” are clearly different from other community posts. Ritual formality. A bit adversarial with gatekeepers, negotiation, “bonus points if you…”

Whereas mentioning the need for a teammate is more about the mutual work itself. (“Hmm, WeFarm’s goal is obviously motivating, I have the skills and motivation to help, and you can fund my living… Hopefully we get along.”)

But just my random thoughts! I might be in the minority here.

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