Joker + VSCode extension

I recently stumbled upon Joker which is a Clojure interpreter written in Go. It starts pretty fast and provides a special mode that can be used for linting Clojure code. That linting obviously isn’t perfect since it’s not actual Clojure running the code but for some things it’s just about good enough.

I also recently played around a bit with Visual Studio Code. Some friends of mine are very happy with it and it does seem to have a lot of momentum. In general I think that for broader adoption familiar environments are important. It’s not that Emacs’ UX is not good enough or something — IMHO it really boils down to picking people up where they come from which may (or may not) be VSCode or Atom.

With these two recent discoveries I decided to write an extension for VSCode that lints Clojure Code using Joker. It’s very alpha and I’m not even sure if it’s a good idea (because linting with something that is not the actual runtime feels kind of dangerous) but I have to say that VSCode feels pretty nice :slight_smile:

You can find the extension on the VisualStudio Marketplace. Side note: VSCode is nice but that VisualStudio account / marketplace stuff has been quite annoying :smiley:

Edit: Source can be found on GitHub. Had somewhat high hopes for Typescript after toying with OCaml lately but it’s still JS. :sweat_smile:


Omg the author even has packaged it for NixOS!
Looks like I won’t have to rely on Racket for scripting :smiley: