Lambda Island is now free forever

Hey everyone,

As of last week all content on Lambda Island is publicly accessible, no subscription needed. The content is a few years old but most of it has stood the test of time fairly well. The only big thing that has changed is that most of them still use Leiningen whereas nowadays we would prefer Clojure CLI, but the library code generally still works exactly as shown.

We’ve been thinking about doing this for a while, a lot of love and sweat went into creating these, and it would be a shame if not more people got to see them.

We’ll lose a bit of income this way, but most of our revenue nowadays is from consulting anyway, and we have some ideas to create new streams of revenue, which I hint at in the post.


It’s obvious that this content is of very high quality - a commonly quoted but apt estimate is that for every minute of video, an hour went into its production. That’s a lot of hours for Lambda Island’s video catalogue!!

Given that is no longer a direct source of revenue, have you thought about assigning a free/open license to the content, CC-BY-4.0 for example? There’s a Lambda-Island-shaped hole in Wikimedia Commons :wink:

Thank you for supporting the Clojure community by releasing these for free; I’m sure it’ll help lots of people get into the world of functional programming. As it happens, I have a relative who is trying to learn programming, and these might be just the thing! :grinning:

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We are not putting this content under CC as of yet, but it is something we may consider doing in the future.

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Right’o! I’ll look forward to that if/when it comes, and in the meantime I shall become a Clojure wizard :mage: by binge-watching Lambda Island :smile:

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