Latest Cardigan Bay (Clojure based wiki) release

The release for the latest Cardigan Bay wiki-engine is out here : Release Cardigan-Bay 0.3.0 · interstar/cardigan-bay

Latest version exports static sites based on the contents of your wiki. So use it as a static site generator.

Other goodies :

  • moving cards from one page to another is working well
  • cleaned up tables and CSS for embedded videos / bandcamp music etc. It looks better than it used to.
  • automatic back-links
  • can embed Clojure code
  • bookmarklet (bookmark links directly into the wiki)


Wow, this looks incredible! First time I hear about it, but the idea seems amazing. Gonna have to try it out.

P.S. Be great if there was some photos or gifs/demo videos for it on the Readme.

Good job, I will give it a try!

Yeah, I mean to do some tutorial videos … current hold up is finding a decent mic and getting a quiet space to do that :slight_smile:

OK … very quick and dirty screenshots are up here :

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