Learn data and science in Clojure by translating a book together

A few of us at Scicloj have have started looking into translating books again.

There are quite a few great books for data and science written with another programming language, where the license allows converting them to Clojure and adapting the text.

This is discussed at the Clojurians Zulip chat at the revived topic thread #data-science > translating a book.

These days we are figuring out a workflow for writing books as literate (and testable!) Clojure namespaces. It looks promising.

If you are a Clojurian looking to learn statistics, machine learning, data visualization, or some related algorithms, it can be a good pathway for a steady and insightful process.
We can pick one of the relevant books or part of it and start a journey. We will help you out, and we can pair up and explore together.

Please reach out.


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An initial repo with a few of the books we are considering: