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Jacek here - Author of Learn Reagent and Learn Re-frame. Host of ClojureScript Podcast.

I wanted to let you know that I have been working on a new course and it’s all about building REST API with Clojure . It is Cheffy Backend (a.k.a the backend for re-frame course). We are going to build it with Reitit, Ring, Integrant, and next.jdbc . We’ll use PostgreSQL for persistence, Auth0 for Authorization and Authentication and Heroku for DB hosting and deployment. Everything will be documented with Swagger and it also includes tests!

The code base has been reviewed by four community members to make sure you are learning idiomatic Clojure! Here are the folks that helped me shape this course:

  • Tommi Reiman - Programmer, clojurist and has-been it-architect. Creator of Reitit. Co-founder at @metosin.
  • James Reeves - Creator of Ring, Compojure, Hiccup, Integrant … the list goes on and on. In general a well rounded gent from the UK.
  • Sean Corfield - Veteran software architect, focusing on web / JVM / Clojure. Maintainer of clojure.java.jdbc and creator of next.jdbc.
  • Thomas Heller - Creator of shadow-cljs and other not so well documented libraries. Master of rants on ClojureVerse.

Here is the website: https://www.learnreitit.com/

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PS. There is a special discount for PRO members, if you bought Learn Reagent PRO or Learn Re-Frame PRO, you will get an email next week - make sure you won’t miss it!


I think I will order your complete bundle @jacekschae , thats exactly the stuff I need.

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:rocket: Learn Reitit is OPEN for ENROLLMENT :partying_face:

First videos will be available 21 Sep 2020

You can signup here — https://LearnReitit.com If you bought any PRO coursers before there is an additional discount — check you email!

If you would have any questions let me know.

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