Lightmod + Dynadoc - my new dev tools

I’m making a really vertically-integrated tool called Lightmod that I think has no equivalent in other languages – it bundles an editor, web browser, and clojure/clojurescript compilers as well as an internal copy of the JVM itself. In all, that means you can do full stack clojure dev without anything else installed in your system.

Today I released a new version (1.1.1) with a big new feature: an offline documentation viewer for all the libraries built into Lightmod. Here’s a screencast about it:

I ended up bundling another project of mine, Dynadoc, to create the new docs tab. It dynamically finds all clojure/clojurescript namespaces and generates nice searchable docs for them. Lightmod isn’t for power users but I think it’s even better than my old tool (nightcode) at getting started with clojure dev.