Logbot archive location?

In my searching, I couldn’t find where the Slack @logbot is dumping its archive. Any clues?

Here: https://clojurians-log.clojureverse.org/

Thank you very much.

If I invited @logbot, I see the integration on the channel on the channel and it’s not at that URL, what should I check?

Oh. And the URL on the app integration card (the http://clojurians-log.mantike.pro/) links to some Russian-language site.

The bot description seems to be outdated, I’ve notified the admins. You should still use the URL that I provided.

Thanks. Is there often significant latency in the bot logging?

I have updated the bot’s description so it has the correct link. Thanks for spotting this and bringing it to the Admin team’s notice.

No idea. It is not run by the Clojurians Admin team. It was created by the community and is running somewhere on some community member’s dime, I suspect.

The Zulip mirror bot has very little latency and the maintainer is responsive whenever there are problems. It posts all the channels it is in to All messages - Clojurians - Zulip (zulipchat.com) – see the #slack-archive stream.

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Mitesh may be running @logbot. “I can take a look into it :)” anyway. I’m grateful.

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Is it working for you?
Mitesh update

I never use the logbot archives since I’m on Zulip a lot and can search them all their (I don’t know if you’ve added the zulip-mirror-bot to your new channel(s)?).

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I did. Thanks.

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