London Clojurians Talk: Clojure - JVM + BEAM = Clojerl (by Juan Facorro)

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The London Clojurians are happy to present:

Title: Clojure - JVM + BEAM = Clojerl
Speaker: Juan Facorro
Time: 2021-05-11T17:30:00Z
Local time: 18:30 op dinsdag 11 mei 2021 in Londen, Verenigd Koninkrijk - (click here for local time)
RSVP: Clojure - JVM + BEAM = Clojerl (by Juan Facorro) | Meetup

Juan Facorro (jfacorro (Juan Facorro) · GitHub) will be presenting:
Clojure was designed to be a hosted language, it is meant to run on
more platforms than the JVM, which is part of the reason why Clojerl
(Clojerl · GitHub) was born. The BEAM (the name for the
Erlang VM) is a powerful virtual machine that offers tools and
mechanisms to build resiliency into the systems that run on it. This
session will explore some of these aspects and how you can use them
while staying in the comfort of your Clojure home.

After working with object-oriented languages for years, Juan entered
the functional programming world working on personal projects in
Common Lisp and Clojure. That’s when he knew he had found something
great. While at Inaka he discovered Erlang and coding at work became a
joy again. As a Klarna software engineer, he’s been building and
improving highly available systems in Erlang, Java and (most recently)
Clojure and enjoying the beautiful Swedish nature both in winter and

If you missed this event, you can watch the recording on our YouTube channel:

(The recording will be uploaded a couple of days after the event.)

RSVP: Clojure - JVM + BEAM = Clojerl (by Juan Facorro) | Meetup

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Fantastic line-up of speakers and talks at the London Clojurians, check it out:

Hi all,
here is the recording of last night’s London Clojurians talk:
Clojure - JVM + BEAM = Clojerl (by Juan Facorro)