London Clojurians Talk: Data Driven Component Libraries from commercial experiences (by Johnny Stevenson)

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Title: Data Driven Component Libraries from commercial experiences
Speaker: Johnny Stevenson
Time: 2024-07-23 @ 18:30 (London time)
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Johnny Stevenson ( will be presenting:
“Data Driven Component Libraries from commercial experiences”

Experiences in using Integrant / Integrant REP and donut-party/system for a data driven REPL workflow managing multiple system component. Includes juxt/aero for profiles and OS environment variables.
Covering lots of code examples and some live coding. Discussing why I prefer certain design approaches, especially trying to keep the code as simple and consistent as possible.

Johnny joined the Griffin team in 2023 and leads the ever growing Clojure platform. Griffin provides banking as a service with a full banking licence.

Previously worked at Citi, StatsBomb and Billie on commercial Clojure projects since 2017. Lots of Java projects before that, from 1997.

Johnny is the founder of providing free educational books and videos for the Clojure community. This work has been supported by the Clojure community and it has been a pleasure to be involved with the London Clojurians since 2010. Johnny also designed the London Clojurians logo.

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