London Clojurians Talk: Matrix Exposed! (or, You Don't Know Reactive) (by Kenny Tilton)

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Title: Matrix Exposed! (or, You Don’t Know Reactive)
Speaker: Kenny Tilton
Time: 2023-10-03 @ 18:30 (London time)
Local time: click here for local time

Kenny Tilton ( will be presenting:
“Matrix Exposed! (or, You Don’t Know Reactive)”

No one takes state management seriously. ReactJS punted. Flutter punted. Kenny Tilton will lead a deep dive into his Matrix state manager; make the case for state being the first problem solved by any UI framework; and explain how to evaluate state engines when our chosen UI punts.

Kenny is currently developing a new Flutter/Matrix reactive front-end library atop ClojureDart. He came to Clojure from Common Lisp ten years ago, and has used it professionally for ETL and e-commerce, as well his own O/S UI frameworks. He has used re-frame professionally, Reagent in anger, and Hoplon/Javelin, one of his favorites, for fun. Before shuffling off this mortal coil, he wants us to know the power we are missing with even today’s excellent reactive solutions.

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