London Clojurians Talk: REPL-Driven Development - Clojure's Superpower (by Sean Corfield)

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Title: REPL-Driven Development - Clojure’s Superpower
Time: 2021-01-12T18:30:00Z
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Sean Corfield ( will be presenting
Everyone talks about RDD but what it is really? Why is Clojure’s REPL
not like other languages’ REPLs? Can you really develop an
application “live”? What about restarts, refreshes? Don’t I need
special, magical tooling for this? This talk will show you how
fundamental Clojure’s REPL is to development, and how to build a web
application, live, from your editor, with no restarts, no refreshes,
just simple, basic tooling. Clojure’s REPL is truly its superpower:
it lets you hold your application in your hand, query it, modify it,
evolve it, with just a basic set of tools and an understanding of what
“REPL-friendly development” means.

Sean Corfield used to build compilers, virtual machines, databases and
telecom systems but eventually got a real job building web
applications. After eight years of ANSI C++ Standardization and a
decade of web development with JVM-based languages, he finally found
his first love again - functional programming - and for the last
decade he has written Clojure almost every day.


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