London Clojurians Talk: Simpler User Interfaces with Membrane (by Adrian Smith)

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The London Clojurians are happy to present:

Title: Simpler User Interfaces with Membrane
Speaker: Adrian Smith
Time: 2023-02-07T18:30:00Z
Local time: 18:30 on Tuesday, February 7, 2023 in London, United Kingdom - (click here for local time)
RSVP: Simpler User Interfaces with Membrane (by Adrian Smith), Tue, Feb 7, 2023, 6:30 PM | Meetup

Adrian Smith (phronmophobic (Adrian) · GitHub) will be presenting:
“Simpler User Interfaces with Membrane”

User Interfaces are brittle, highly coupled, and inflexible. This talk
will diagnose some of the root problems that plague user interfaces
and show how a different approach can make UI programs dramatically
simpler using Membrane (GitHub - phronmophobic/membrane: A Simple UI Library That Runs Anywhere).

Adrian is a software engineer and creator of membrane, a UI library
that runs anywhere. He got started programming by making tic-tac-toe
for his TI-83 calculator. Since then, he’s built web, mobile, and
desktop apps using python, javascript, ruby, php, objective-c, and c++
before finally finding clojure. He believes that programming should be
for everyone and that you shouldn’t need a CS degree to make a simple
web, desktop, or mobile app. The right tools for making programming
accessible don’t exist… yet, but he’s working to change that.

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(The recording will be uploaded a couple of days after the event.)

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RSVP: Simpler User Interfaces with Membrane (by Adrian Smith), Tue, Feb 7, 2023, 6:30 PM | Meetup

Hi all,

the recording of this event is now available on YouTube.


Fantastic talk about Membrane from someone not afraid to look afresh at the whole problem that is UI programming today … “wanting a banana and getting the jungle.” I often would like to build quick “demo” UIs over (much easier) backend APIs I develop, but am always put off by the enormous investment in a particular framework choice - usually far bigger than the problem demanded. Love the approach here leveraging pure functions and data models more pervasively than elsewhere. Thoughtfully presented throughout, the question is asked “what actually is a UI?”, concluding it’s often “a full application with it’s own ‘UI’” where " the web is one way to paint that UI, but other tech/devices exist" and (paraphrasing) “pure functions working on views as data are the key to reusability - which offers a real opportunity to build better components together.” Yes please :slight_smile:

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