Looking for a Clojure web-dev person for mutual support

This is a post of a different kind :blush: – a personal quest. ( :

Often, I run into web development tasks that take a lot of time for me to figure out. Even after writing a few small browser-related projects in recent years, it is not my profession, and I have huge gaps in knowledge.

To remedy this, I wish to try a barter-like relationship with a Clojurian who is experienced & fluent in writing browser apps with Clojure, Clojurescript, Reagent, Shadow, etc.

You would help me in removing the obstacles and becoming fluent in web-dev (currently all in open-source tasks).
I would help you where I could: teach topics in math and statistics, help in data exploration, help with parts of the Clojure ecosystem that I know well, etc.
It could be a few hours a month, maybe more, sometimes intensive. We could think about what would make it useful & pragmatic.

If anybody is interested, please write to me. : )


Definitely me. I do clojure webdev professionally, and could definitely use any help available on the math frontier right now. I’ll message you.

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