Looking for a mentor

Hey, I’m Timo, 28, from Germany. I’d like to learn Clojure & ClojureScript and I’m looking for someone that has experience who would be willing to teach.

I’ve been working mostly in Java and VanillaJS until now, with some introduction to Lisps in university (scheme). I’ve worked through Brave Clojure and am now starting my first real project.

It’d be cool to be able to bounce some ideas off someone, get recommendations for implementations and so on. Maybe ask some stupid beginner questions that I’m not able to google successfully.

In turn, you’d get a student willing to learn and consider different viewpoints, and a sense of fulfillment for helping someone, I guess :smile:

I could also always ask questions here, but I like the more personal feel of having someone specific :slight_smile:


Hmm I never thought of asking. I could use the same.

Not sure I’m fully qualified - but feel free to hit me up on clojurians slack :slight_smile:

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Hey Timo, I’m Nico, also 28 and from Germany ;D I’m not sure I qualify, but I’ve been using Clojure/Script in production for a few years now. I’d be up for a Skype session or something, just to talk about what you want to learn/I could bring.

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Hello all,
I have coached several people before, specifically those geting into Clojure, so would be happy to help. Typically I do a 1 hour session with you a week and have asynchronous communication during the week where required.

If you are interested in a coach, get in touch via a direct message on the Clojurians Slack channel and we can discuss what you are hoping to achieve, your experience so far and how I could help.

Thank you
John Stevenson

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Hey Timo,
If you are in Berlin feel free join us at the Clojure meetup: https://www.meetup.com/Clojure-Berlin/
You will find a lot of people enthusiastic about Clojure and Clojurescript there.

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It’s a little too far to go to a meetup in Berlin :smiley: but that would sound cool if it was closer!

Hey azzu,

where are you actually from in Germany? I’m from Germany, too and did learn Clojure mostly in my free time. I may not be an advanced Clojure user, but maybe we are from the same area and could learn from each other from time to time?

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