Made a home page for shadow-cljs

Already posted on shadow-cljs’s Slack channel. See the site at

Trying to make shadow-cljs accessible for ClojureScript beginners and JavaScript developers. The page is created with Respo. It’s code is maintained on GitHub.

And a logo for shadow-cljs:


Nice job, it looks great!

This is fantastic! Thanks for the website, your articles and pushing shadow-cljs forward!

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I love it! Thanks :blush:

Perfect! That front page already gave me more info than what I got after reading the docs! (disclaimer: I suck at reading docs)

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Whoa, I don’t think I’ve seen this homepage until today…

Nice work!

May I suggest, adding the homepage URL to the github’s “website for this repos”, setting at the top?

edit: it is done


I fail trying to run it. The server gives me a 404.

Another thing is that the README says to run

yarn shadow-cljs clj-run build.main/html

But there is no such task. Tried using the build task instead as well as the build-local. Both seem to build but I still get a 404.

Initially I misunderstood the build instructions a bit so I tried to clarify the README some:

Sorry I changed the workflow a bit but forgot to update in README. Try this

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Thanks. Now works like a charm. I issued a new pull request for ya. :slight_smile:

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