Manage pom.xml with tools.deps


I just published my first clojurescript library to clojars. I wonder, what is the best way to manage the pom.xml. It seems, unless I use leiningen, I should manage it mostly by hand, except for the dependencies. Isn’t there some tooling to generate it?


If you generate a new project using clj-new then it will include a fully-fleshed out pom.xml that you can then update the group/artifact/version information as needed. Take a look at the pom.xml file in the top-level of that repo to see I do for my projects (if you look at the history for that file, you’ll see I manually update it for each new release as the last step in the commits before I “release” on GitHub).

If you use clojure -Spom in an empty project, it generates a very minimal pom.xml that is missing a lot of information you will likely want if you are publishing to Clojars and hosting documentation on

If you use clojure -Spom in a project created by clj-new, it will only update the dependencies section and it should leave everything else alone. You only need to do this after updating your :deps in deps.edn (i.e., just to keep dependencies in sync).

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