Managing parens in doom emacs

I’m having trouble manipulating the code as it relates to the parenthesis.

This means sometimes I cannot follow what the code is doing (the order of the parens confuse me). Other times this means that when I’m trying to manipulate the code, such as surrounding a nested function with parens to create another function, I have trouble.

Additionally, my editor seems to not follow the Clojure style of inserting parens. When I do SHIFT + S, I get the enclosing parens but they are not in the Clojure format.

I’ve seen videos where the person does this very easily. What kind of plugins do you suggest or what are your tips for managing parens?

What exactly are you trying to do by “Shift + S”? Are you using Evil mode? If so, are you talking about insert mode, or normal mode? Are you using Lispy + Lispyville?

Yep! Was trying to insert parens surrounding a line. I’m using evil mode. I just installed Lispy but it seems like additional commands to memorize in addition to the vim ones.

If it was around a whole line, the Evil incantation would be Shift + v to select the line in visual mode, and s) to do the paren-wrapping.
Lispy does include some funky behaviour indeed, so it needs some getting used to.

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