Meetup in Shenzhen, 15 April

15/4 has a Clojure meetup event at shenzhen

Please post that event in another topic, or in . A meetup is not related in this topic.

Clojure china is un-approachable it is all in chinese. It would have been awesome if we had a way to communicate with each other.

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I moved these posts out from another, unrelated thread into a new topic. Admins can do this, if you see something being posted that is completely off topic, or a tangential discussion overshadowing the original thread, then feel free to ping an admin so they can split it up.

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@zerg000000 do you maybe have a link so people can find more info? address, time, etc

Thanks @plexus.

Sorry about sharing this info in wrong place.

This is mainly conducted in Chinese, may not be good to share at here.


Meetup Group

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No problem, you are absolutely welcome to share international events here, just make sure to mention the main language for the event so people can decide if it’s suitable for them.

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