Missing documentation for `:while` modifier of `for` and `doseq`

I believe the for and doseq documentation (at least docstrings) fail to explain the semantics of the :while modifier. The existence is documented, but not the behavior.

I would like to request that the doctoring be updated, especially since it behaves in what I believe is a reasonable but counter-intuitive way. I believe a reasonable person would expect that :while false would trigger the for or doseq to exit; however it does not. Rather it causes the inner-most loop containing the :while to exit, but most notably the outer loops continue to iterate.

Another discussion of this can be found here: clojurians

Is there an https://ask.clojure.org/ question I can upvote?

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Also, fwiw, it might be easier to campaign to add a page of documentation on clojure.org. The bar to docstring changes is higher than many people expect.