Modern bridge between Clojure and Wolfram Language (Mathematica)—a call to action!

Modern bridge between Clojure and Wolfram Language (Mathematica)—a call to action!

TL;DR We are planning an informal event to explore the Clojure bridge to Wolfram Language, possibly this Friday. :grapes: Please comment if you are interested. :grapes:

Looking for contributors to a re-vival of the Clojuratica library and a presentation of cool things you can do with it already (feat. Clerk, hanami and other goodies).

With re:Clojure we’re trying to be more than a two-day-conference.
The whole month of amazing Workshops, Data Science Special as a “third day” of the conference to meet, reflect and look forward.
This year, one of the keynotes speakers is Stephen Wolfram, who has created a really wonderful world of a symbolic and computational language.

Part of our efforts in the run up to the conference was to have a modern bridge that would allow us to access the intellectual interest and conveniences of that world. @prnc and @Christopher_Small have revived the old bridge, that has been developed by a few people in the past.

@prnc and I are considering an open meeting tomorrow. As it is Friday, we will keep this short & sweet—the plan (presented by @prnc):

  • project origins
  • 2min intro to Wolfram Language and Mathematica
  • how to use it from Clojure
  • cool things™ & integration with the ecosystem
  • what’s been done, what still needs to be done

Also the languages share the LISP origin, which makes it really easy for us to use!

(RulePlot (CellularAutomaton 30))

It’s all in the family—just move the parens one space to the left!

Please comment if you might be able to join, or if you have any thoughts.


I would love to join. Also the workshops have been of exceptional quality and reflect all the hard work that’s been put into them. Thanks to everyone involved :pray:

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Both Clojure and Wolfram Language have been a huge part of my mathematics education. I’d like to contribute to this on the documentation side, and ultimately use it to help promote the use of Clojure in teaching math to kids (or “big kids”).

I see people doing some incredible presentations on exploring the intersection of math and code, but not in Clojure… for example Grant Sanderson (Python) and Freya Holmer (C#). How cool would it be to make stuff like that but with a language based on functions and symbolic expressions? I don’t need to preach here.

I don’t have reliable internet so I probably can’t participate in a call, but I expect that this will become part of my work in the future!


Thanks, @xfthhxk, @porkostomus.

We’ll meed on Friday at 18:30 UTC.

meeting details at the ml-study Zulip stream

I’m very interested in this as well!

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