My examples for shadow-cljs

shadow-cljs is a friendly ClojureScript compiler which can be installed with npm and configured with a shadow-cljs.edn file. It can be launched from a CLI.

The author is . I got many advices from him in trying shadow-cljs. At last I finished quite some examples using shadow-cljs.

shadow-cljs supports compiling ClojureScript like other cljs compiler, with features like hot code swapping, on both sides:

shadow-cljs can also emit CommonJS code, which is widely supported in JavaScript community:

And since it supports CommonJS, I can bundle code with Webpack and even HMR with Webpack. Here are the examples

I think currently shadow-cljs is the most friendly solution to JavaScript developers.


I really like this tool - Iā€™m coming from the nodejs community and this is really straightforward to understand and use. Thank you!


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